The IDEA League is a collaboration of 4 technical universities in Europe; RWTH Aachen in Germany, TU Delft in the Netherlands, ETH Zurich in Switzerland and TU Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2015 four week-long graduate schools in quantum information will be held at these universities. This website serves as an information site concerning registration, information and learning/lecture material for these schools.

Quantum mechanics is our most fundamental model of the physical world. Compared with the concepts of classical physics that form the basis of our existing techniques for computation and communication, the quantum principles imply a fundamentally different structure for the content of information, promising profound speedups in computation and altered ground rules for communication, with the possibilities for privacy and security put on a more secure basis.
The goal of the Quantum Information Processing schools is to provide a comprehensive training program, targeted to senior Masters and beginning PhD students enrolled at the 4 Universities of the IDEA League. The program should get these students fully prepared to undertake original research in this area, to know their colleagues in Europe and internationally, and to provide the seeds for collaboration that will enrich the student's work, both in the PhD and beyond.

Video Recordings of Lectures at RWTH Aachen can be found on the YouTube IDEA League 2015 Channel
Video Recordings of Lectures at TU Chalmers can be found on the summer school website
Video Recordings of Lectures at ETH Zürich can be found on the ETH Zürich Events Site

Fees & Applications

For participants who are enrolled in the participating groups at one of these four universities, participation in schools (provided space is available) is free of charge. The home university at which the student is enrolled will cover traveling expenses to the school while the organizing university will cover all local lodging, transportation and food expenses.

Enrolled students must be committed to attend each of the four schools.

The IDEA league schools also accept selected applications of qualified PhD/postdoc students at other universities, but no IDEA league funds are available for travel and lodging.

Student registration and information for each school can be found on the webpages of the schools: